To the University Hospitals Digital Credentials Pilot!

In Partnership with Axuall

University Hospitals has partnered with Axuall to develop and test new ways to improve its practitioners' credentialing experience.

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Verify Faster, Practice Sooner

Get Control
Your clinical credentials are the most important documents when it comes to your career.  Without them, you can't practice. Axuall enables real-time monitoring of all your credentials so you're always ready to practice medicine.
Go to the Top of the List
Healthcare organizations need to place practitioners into the field as fast as possible. As a pre-verified clinician, your value naturally rises above the rest, making you more deployable and, therefore, more marketable.
Practice Sooner
Healthcare professionals want to practice as soon as they can.  The Axuall Network radically reduces the processing time to credential, privilege, and enroll with payers, enabling you to practice less paperwork, and more medicine.
Expand Your Horizons
The future of medicine will be multi-channel.  Having up-to-date credentials provides greater career flexibility, enabling you to practice in more locations and across expanding care venues, such as telehealth.

How it Works

Axuall operates a national network that enables practitioners to manage and share their credentials with healthcare organizations on an ongoing basis while staying up-to-date on the changes that can affect their authorization to work in their field. Our encrypted digital ledger technology provides the ability for these subscribers of a practitioner's credentials to have up-to-date information regarding their status.  

Special thanks to our development and pilot partners:

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