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For Organizations

Healthcare systems, hospital networks, clinics, group practices, telemedicine, staffing firms, and health plans.


Axuall Captures Precious Time

For every day that patient demand is not met, a healthcare organization experiences leakage and revenue loss. The average physician in the U.S. generates nearly $2.4 million per year in accretive revenue or $9,150 per workday. With the average credentialing time now reaching 100 days, this problem represents a significant impediment for organizations.

Axuall solves this problem by digitizing the credentialing process, effectively reducing credentialing delays from month to minutes. Learn about How it Works.



The Need for Clinical Deployment Efficiency

By eliminating credentialing delays, Axuall enables healthcare organizations to safely onboard and deploy clinicians faster. As our 2021 HMA Case Study illustrates, this introduces profound benefits, including improved patient access, reduced physician burnout, and increased revenue.  


Attract and Empower Clinicians

Axuall has transformed the tedious and slow process of credentialing into a competitive advantage. Clinicians give high ratings for the Axuall user experience, with nearly 100 percent saying they would also recommend it to a peer.  There are no documents more important to a clinician’s career than their credentials.  Axuall automates every part of a clinician’s credential management process and provides an experience that puts the practice of medicine over the practice of paperwork. Learn about the benefit to clinicians.

Axuallize Your Workforce Pipeline

Axuall enables your organization to establish “recipes” around your credentialing standards, whether those are based on NCQA, Joint Commission, or a mix of bylaws. This enables your organization to enforce these standards across all your staffing channels, including direct hires, staffing agencies, telehealth, and network partnerships.  Learn about How it Works.

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