What are

Credentialing Delays

costing your patients, practitioners, and bottom line?

Verify Faster, Practice Faster

The Axuall Digital Credential Network saves time by accelerating onboarding and payor enrollment, creating a faster path to revenue!
Axuall's real-time digital credentials were designed in compliance with existing healthcare regulations, workflows, and organizational bylaws.
Practitioners can practice faster, with less paperwork and hassle, greater security, and more control over their digital credentials.
Healthcare organizations can deploy their workforce more efficiently to meet patient demand, serve communities, and reduce leakage.
Special thanks to our development and pilot partners:

How it Works

Axuall operates a national network that enables practitioners to manage and share their credentials with healthcare organizations on an ongoing basis while staying up-to-date on the changes that can affect their authorization to work in their field. Our encrypted digital ledger technology provides the ability for these subscribers of a practitioner's credentials to have up-to-date information regarding their status.  

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