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How it Works

The Axuall platform automatically aggregates and verifies credentials that can be shared instantly between clinicians and their organizations.


How Clinicians Manage Their Credentials

The traditional credentialing process is a cumbersome and slow experience for clinicians. Axuall has streamlined every part of this process. By leveraging primary source verified data from our network, our technology reduces form entry by up to 85%. This means fewer typos and accidental omissions. In all, the average clinician spends only 15 minutes completing the setup process. And the best part, when done, a clinician gets to see nearly all their verified credentials instantly. Once set up, they can share their credentials in seconds with participating organizations. 

Axuall's Clinician Experience

How Organizations Access Credentials

Axuall provides two ways to receive shared credentials from clinicians. The first way is through our Subscriber Portal that enables you to see all the credential sets that match your requirements in a single place. The second way plugs directly into popular credentialing and HR platforms, allowing administrators to continue using the systems and workflows they are already familiar with.  Regardless of which approach your organization takes, Axuall supports common standards such as CAQH, NCQA, and Joint Commission.

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A network of thousands of primary sources

A Solution Powered by a Network

Axuall operates a SOC-2 compliant national network that enables clinicians to manage and share their professional credentials with healthcare organizations instantly.  The network is always on, providing real-time status updates notifications to clinicians and the organizations they share their credentials with.  

Putting Clinicians at the Center of their Career

A clinician's credentials are the most important documents of their career. That's why Axuall's approach is to put clinicians at the center of the process, empowering them to proactively manage and share their verified credentials with the organizations they work with. Axuall transforms the process of credentialing into a continuous process, maximizing workforce readiness.  


"Credentialing should be done with me, not to me!"
- University Hospitals Pediatric Physician


Authentic, Traceable, and Secure

Credentials on the Axuall Network have two essential traits. First, they are authentic, meaning those you share them with (e.g., employers) will know they have been verified by authorized sources (e.g., state medical boards, residency programs, etc.).   Second, Axuall credentials are secure and protected from tampering by layers of security and encryption.  This reduces onboarding delays by eliminating the need to reverify facts about your qualifications.