The Digital Network for Verified Facts
Enabling the Credentialed Workforce of Tomorrow
The Problem

The cumbersome process of proving identity and credentials wastes valuable time and money, representing a multi-billion dollar problem for healthcare, financial services, transportation, government, social services, and security. 

Our Vision

A streamlined tamper-proof approach to sharing facts, such as identity and credentials, that have been digitally verified and signed by authorized third parties, compliant with the highest standards of authenticity. 

The Solution

A global network linking credential holders, issuers, and subscribers enabling self-sovereign, portable, and real-time sharing of digital credentials across the expanding marketplace and digital economy.  

How it works

Establish Your Digital ID

The first step is for you to assert your identity, a process that utilizes a combination of document verification and biometric identification. Once your identity is verified, a digital wallet is created that you own, control, and manage.  

Fill Your Digital Credential Wallet

Using your digital ID and a small amount of additional “stem” data for matching you to your credentials,  Axuall automatically seeks-out and collects digitally signed credentials from relevant "primary sources" on our nationwide network.  As credentials arrive, you select which ones to add to your wallet. Once added, your credentials are continuously monitored for events that may invalidate them, such as expiration, suspension, or revocation.

Share Your Digital Credentials with Subscribers

With your fully Axuallized wallet in hand, now you can share your verified credentials with any employer, health system, or client in seconds.  Once shared, these credentials inherit the monitoring described above, enabling your subscribers to meet and exceed standards for credential verification.  This “instant credentialing” saves you and your organization time and money, while creating fast paths towards authorization.


The Technology

Axuall utilizes a patent-pending technology architecture that includes a permissioned blockchain, distributed anonymous digital wallets, proof life cycle trackers, and primary source verification engines to provide easy and fast integration into existing workflows, processes, and procedures. 


This enables digital verification of credentials to be leveraged multiple times, shared securely, and only with the consent of those that they concern -- all via a privacy-protected blockchain that anchors trust.


Developed with rapid and secure integration in mind, the Axuall network can be accessed via integrated web and mobile interfaces, as well as open APIs, providing behind-the-scenes network access for existing HR solutions. 




Applying industry standards and regulatory compliance, Axuall's healthcare modules, business rules, and templates are designed specifically for the challenges that healthcare systems and payers face.   


Axuall serves healthcare systems and health plans that must credential each practitioner they hire or enroll, repeating the process every 2-3 years.  This process often takes months to complete as they wait for requests to be processed by a myriad of 3rd parties including applicants, state agencies, medical schools, and former employers.  With the average physician billing $7,500 a day, operating expenses and lost revenue often runs into the tens of thousands of dollars per hire, adding up to millions of dollars a year for large organizations that must quickly respond to normal staff attrition and growth, as well as expanding markets like telehealth.



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