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The Impact of Credentialing

Credentialing delays are slowing growth and affecting the bottom line. It's time to turn the tides.

Whitepaper: Recent study with 8 leading health systems reveals significant impacts of credentialing delays.

The Health Management Academy conducted a study with 8 leading health systems to gain a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the effects of current credentialing processes and the potential impact of digital, real-time credentialing. One participating organization also recently presented their findings and mentioned a $74,000 potential savings per physician from leveraging Axuall.


Download the whitepaper to learn about the study and surprising results.

HMA Whitepaper Image

“Provider credentialing is a metaphor for all the brokenness in healthcare. It is a real thorn in peoples’ sides, for financial executives, as well as for providers.”

President of Innovation & Commercialization, 

Leading Health System

Access the Whitepaper

Axuall’s Digital Credential Network empowers healthcare organizations to capture millions in revenue, while reducing patient leakage and clinician burnout. Axuall’s network fuels real-time, always-on credentialing, reducing the burden for staff and providing a simple, intuitive solution for practitioners.

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