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Streamlining Provider Credentialing Across Leading Health Systems
Case Study on University Hospitals and Axuall

The evolving healthcare industry has seen rapid advances in technological innovation and relentless change across the reimbursement and regulatory landscape. As such, Leading Health Systems (LHS) seek innovative solutions to solve economic and operational challenges in every domain of the business. The provider credentialing and privileging process has historically been an overlooked and strictly administrative function within the health system. Complexity and verification delays in the provider credentialing process can impact LHS revenue, patient access, and the quality of clinical care delivered. However, recent advances in provider credentialing technology have offered LHS innovative solutions that promise to streamline the provider credentialing process. Provider credentialing technologies offer LHS the ability to reduce delays with credentialing and privileging providers, improve patient safety and quality of care, prevent fraud, and maximize revenue opportunities.

The Health Management Academy, in partnership with Axuall, University Hospitals and other leading health organizations, conducted research to show the impact of digital credentialing on practitioner experience and hospital revenue. 

Download the whitepaper to read about the study and the significant ROI results!

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