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Reference Materials

Welcome to Axuall's reference material site.  Browse documents, videos, and slides that outline our approach and technology. 


About Axuall and Other Reference Materials

Developed with leading healthcare systems, Axuall is a workforce intelligence company built on a national real-time practitioner data network.  It connects healthcare organizations to a vast array of data, providing insights for network planning, analytics, and reporting, while dramatically reducing onboarding and enrollment time via provider-enabled digital credentials. Link


  • Integration Pathways
    A technical brief that describes how Axuall integrates with your existing enterprise systems including VerityStream, Salesforce, and others. 

Case Studies

  • Axuall ROI Case Study White Paper
    This white paper compiles data collected from interviews with eight large health systems, including Advocate Aurora Health, Banner Health, ChristianaCare, Duke Health, RWJ Barnabas Health, Sharp HealthCare, Spectrum Health, and University Hospitals.  It also outlines the return on investment at University Hospitals based on data collected from our 2020 pilot.  

Press Releases





  • Axuall Explainer Video: How it Works
    A short video that describes the end-user experience for credential holders (practitioners) including how they enroll and share their credentials with subscribers (healthcare systems).  

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