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For Clinicians

Axuall enables clinicians to go to work faster by providing real-time proof of credentials.


Get to Work Sooner

In as little as 15 minutes, you’ll have a comprehensive reusable set of verified credentials that meet industry standards.  Axuall automatically pulls all relevant credentials into a single view for you, instantly shareable with the healthcare organizations of your choice, reducing processing time from months to minutes!  Learn How It Works.


Stay Informed

Automatically track external changes to credentials such as additions, expirations, revocations, suspensions, and adverse events that may affect your standing with healthcare systems.


Practice More Medicine, Less Paperwork

Traditional credentialing is slow and painful. As a clinician, you must track down all your career documents, including education, training, work history, licenses, board certifications, references, hospital affiliations, and malpractice information, copying this information into form after form.  If you practice at multiple facilities, this process has to be repeated over and over again. Axuall changes all that by pulling all your information together and automating the completion of your forms. 


Control Your Career Identity

Axuall gives you autonomy and ownership of your career information.  We put you in charge of your credential portfolio, expanding opportunities to practice healthcare.  


Protect Your Privacy

Your professional credentials are the most important documents of your career; they deserve strong controls and safeguards. Our data encryption technology protects your data and privacy, while our consent model puts you in control of who it's shared with.  

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