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Axuall is a digital network for verifying identity, credentials, and authenticity and makes presenting credentials easy, safe, secure, and instantaneous.

Our technology digitally fuses assertions with verifying entities' digital signatures forming a cryptographic bond that is continuously re-verified.


We chose healthcare as our first market because it faces considerable challenges related to increasing practitioner shortages, delivery channel expansion, and the growing demands of an aging population. Together, these challenges drive the urgency to reduce the administrative burden on its practitioners, reduce delays in hiring, accelerate revenue capture, and improve access to care. Healthcare providers can request and receive digitally signed credentials from primary sources that they can securely share with employers, health systems, and insurance plans. The Axuall network proactively monitors conditional events, such as expirations and dependencies, allowing practitioners to address issues the moment they arise. This means credentials will always be up-to-date, ready to present, and aligned with standards. This eliminates the need for health systems to request redundant information, dramatically shortening the time it takes to hire, privilege, enroll, and activate practitioners.

Across industries, Axuall enables a global networking linking credential holders, verifiers, and subscribers providing self-sovereign, portable, and real-time sharing of digital proofs across the digital economy.

Cleveland, Ohio

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