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About Us

Digital credentials are the gateway to the future of work.  We are dedicated to leading that charge.  Learn more about our mission and leadership team.


At Our Core

At Axuall, we believe technology and humankind don't have to conflict.  For us, the reality is that technology can improve the human condition, advance careers, and positively define the future of work.  We are changing the way facts are verified.  We call this digital proof, and it can provide benefits for nearly anyone who needs to provide proof in an instant about their identity, qualifications, credentials, experience, etc.  
The process of verifying facts, like credentials, costs billions of dollars more than it should.  This problem afflicts nearly every sector of the economy including healthcare, financial services, government, manufacturing, logistics, and transportation.  It drives unnecessary costs, limits revenue growth, and introduces avoidable risks to businesses and organizations.


Our Leadership Team

Axuall is led by a team of experienced innovators and operators, with a track record of market leadership.  

Our Board of Directors

Axuall's board spans decades of experience and leadership with technology and healthcare.

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Ray Leach
CEO, JumpStart

Our Investors

Our investors represent many of the most innovative investment firms and provider organizations in healthcare.

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Lucky Tavag

VP of Engineering

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Aaron Cornell


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Matt Sternberg

Director of Product

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Jeffrey Stern

Product Manager

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Charlie Lougheed


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Dana Bankhurst

VP of Customer Success

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Charlie Lougheed
CEO, Axuall

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Michael Greeley
General Partner,
Flare Capital Partners

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Stephen McHale
CEO, Unify Jobs